Woodborne Design - Residential Design
Who We Are
K. Drew Sumrell
Drew founded Woodborne Design in 2001 with a desire to help clients create custom homes that faithfully incorporate beautiful timber frame structures into exceptionally well-planned architectural designs. Ever since high school, Drew has pursued an interest and a passion for architecture and residential design. After graduating from Barton College with a degree in Fine Arts, Drew has maintained a continuous study of delightful buildings and excellent timber frame design. As the founder and president Woodborne Design, Drew is a residential designer who strives to apply his profound love and respect of nature to custom homes and timber frame structures that fulfill the basic needs and fondest wishes of his clients.

What We Do

Woodborne Design is a custom residential design and timber frame design firm. We work with clients in the High Country mountains of western North Carolina and all over the Southeastern United States. We provide custom design services and construction documents that enable our clients to build distinctive custom homes and a variety of custom timber frame structures. Whether itís a cabin in the woods, a castle on a hill or a cottage by the sea, Wooborne Design will gladly help you to realize the custom designed home, home addition, renovation, or community amenity of your dreams.

Our Core Values

Woodborne Design is founded upon the following beliefs:

  • A custom designed home should be aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sensitive and highly functional for the family for whom itís designed.
  • At its best, design is a collaborative process and the client is an integral member of the design team.
  • Excellent customer service and communication are critical to the success of everything we do.
  • No project is too big or too small to be considered worthy of our best efforts.
  • Honesty and integrity are non-negotiable values.

Why Choose Us?

We at Woodborne Design strive to develop a strong personal and working relationship with our clients. We engage our clients in a collaborative effort to address the distinct challenges presented by each project. As our client, you will find that we seek to understand and attend to your unique hopes, dreams, desires, and needs. We will invite you to work with us as an integral member of the design team as we develop plans for your new project. Our goal is to make your custom designed home a place in which youíll find joy each and every day and a treasure to share with generations to come.