Woodborne Design - Residential Design
Our Design Process

Your custom designed home will surely be the result of an evolutionary process and a team effort. Woodborne Design’s process involves collecting information and data, revising and developing ideas and finally, engineering and creating the construction documents that your contractor will use to build your custom designed home.

Our residential design process usually starts with a “get acquainted” meeting in order for us to have a general idea of your visions, requirements and preferences. Since most of the custom homes we design are very site specific, a second meeting at your property is usually an essential next step. It is tremendously valuable for us to be able to visit your home site and begin formulating a three dimensional vision of the residential design possibilities. If the size of your property permits multiple possibilities to site your custom designed home, we can assist and advise you in selecting a home site that will best meet all your needs.

The next step involves collecting information about you, your family and your lifestyle. This is usually accomplished with a series of face to face meetings and the completion of our Residential Design Planner. The Residential Design Planner is a document that is used to collect and organize information that will help us begin planning your custom designed home. It will afford you the opportunity to collect thoughts, pictures, details, drawings, material choices and ideas that you would like incorporated into your new custom designed home. The more we understand about your dreams, needs, lifestyle, hobbies, budget and future plans, the better we are able to arrive at a custom designed home that fits your family “like a glove”.

Armed with the knowledge of you and your property, we begin developing your custom house plans and a 3D virtual model of your custom designed home in our CAD program. After you have reviewed the initial floor plans, we work through revisions until you are satisfied with the footprint, room sizes and relationships between spaces. Once the floor plans have been finalized and the 3D model has taken shape, we concentrate on the elevations. Upon completion of these steps, we can provide you with 3D images and elevations of your custom designed home that will help you visualize what your new home is going to look like. This is certainly an exciting milestone.

Once the plans and elevations are completed to everyone’s satisfaction, we proceed with the engineering and the construction drawings that your contractor will need to build your custom designed home. The next “team leader”, your contractor, usually takes over at this point and the physical structure can begin its evolution. Although we do not usually get involved in the construction management of your project, our staff and the engineer for your custom designed home will remain available during the construction process to assist and advise if required.

The successful completion of your custom designed home is certainly exciting to us as well and we look forward to seeing your new home furnished, landscaped and ready for living. As your residential design team, our process is successful when you have a home that protects and delights your family for years to come.