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The Lure of a Log Home

There’s just something special about a log home; maybe it’s a remnant of the pioneer spirit now indelibly written into the genetic code of the American dream. Maybe it’s that log homes fulfill a desire to get back to basics, to feel closer to nature, and to be reminded of simpler times. Logs convey a straightforward, honest, rustic and rough-around-the-edges kind of beauty. And log homes speak to us at a level that goes straight to our hearts.

But what is it that prompts so many of us to seek out log homes even in an era of ever-advancing building technologies? What primal force calls to us from the mountains and woodlands of our imaginations? Do we long to be reminded of childhood summers spent away at camps and in cabins where lifelong friendships were forged while trading stories around a warm fire? Or is it an inevitable consequence of our fast-paced, technology-driven world that contemporary Americans should feel compelled to reconnect with the customs and accommodations of our forbearers? Whatever the reason, one doesn’t have to look long at the ever-changing landscape of American homes to see that log homes are more popular today than ever.

Our log homes now come in all shapes and sizes. From large-scale luxury mansions to one room hunting cabins, log homes have become the residence of choice to convey an independent spirit, a sense of rugged endurance, and an appropriate amount of idiosyncrasy to typify the American way of life. We at Woodborne Design are thrilled to work with clients who feel a personal connection with the spirit of wood and the individual character of a custom log home. While we don’t recommend log homes for everyone, we work with clients to determine if a log siding will give them the look they desire and we make use of our extensive knowledge about wood sciences and the latest technological advances in log construction to accommodate clients who know they want a house made of solid wood logs. We make it our business to put clients into homes they will truly love and for an ever-increasing number of people, a custom log home is sure to be the one true love of which they’ve always dreamed.

By Michael Haslam

Woodborne Design, Inc.