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The Mountain Magnolia

The Mountain Magnolia was designed for a couple from Florida who plan to retire in the Valle Crucis area of Watauga County, NC. The project was designed with a specific location in mind but this custom timber frame hybrid home may yet need to be adapted to a different building site in the future. For the time being, this three-story 3000 square foot arts-and-crafts-inspired home exists only as a virtual model that we created on our 3D design software while developing the project.

At Woodborne Design, we use a 3D modeling program with rendering capabilities to build houses in virtual space so we can think them through and present them to our clients long before they make their way into the material world. The virtual model allows us to show our clients what concepts we’ve been working on and provides a visual point of reference about which we can converse with our clients as changes and developments in the house’s design are being discussed and planned. Since our software is designed for “solid modeling”, we can also use the same model we’ve developed for visualization purposes to generate shop drawings and machine data that timber framers will find invaluable in assisting them to build our timber frame designs in the real world.

Many of our clients have difficulty envisioning things in the absence of a drawing or a model. Others seem to be able to see things in vivid detail that exist only in their own imaginations. All of our clients find the 3D virtual model an extremely useful tool as we work with them to flesh out the details of their very own custom homes.
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