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Doornbos Residence

The Doornbos Residence is a true log home with exterior walls constructed of 8x8 double round pine logs. Its 2500 square feet of contemporary rustic living space will accommodate two empty-nesters from Chicago relocating to a rural corner of Madison County, NC. Woodborne Design was approached about designing this custom log home, as we often are, out of some concern about the sloping terrain of the lot. The soon-to-be log homeowners had a target budget and some well-formed ideas about how various functions should relate to one another in the home. They also knew where they would like to open up interior spaces to generous views of the outdoors. We worked with our clients and their builder to determine how best to site the house on their lot, how its footprint should be proportioned to reduce site grading, and how its rooflines should be formed in order to be aesthetically appealing without driving up the cost of construction. The end result represents a finely tuned solution to meeting the specific needs of an inspired homeowner, a fixed budget, and a challenging site.
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