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The Villa James

The Villa James was designed for a young family in eastern Georgia with an affinity for Tuscan architecture and a love of the outdoors. It was critical for the home to provide a constant sense of connection to its surroundings. With this in mind, we set out to create a comfortable and inviting home that could be opened up to provide direct access to fresh air and sunlight, while accommodating occupants who enjoy venturing outside to enjoy the beauty of their environment from the comfort of porches, patios, and decks.

The exterior of this custom home is characterized by alternating archways and timber elements that suggest an old-world flavor and provide ambiance to an uncommonly vital outdoor living space. Hand-crafted timber framing forms a series of cloistered spaces that connect independent interior spaces. The meandering network of connective exterior space forms a u-shaped walkway that surrounds a lower level courtyard and garden space. Inside, a series of timber trusses over the great room distinguish this space from all others, celebrating it as the heart of the home and the center of all activity. This lofty open central space contains various areas of disparate functionality that enjoy a visual connection to one another and are unified by the cadence of timber trusses marching across the space overhead.

We refer to homes like the Villa James as timber frame hybrid homes since they mix a timber roof structure and structural insulated panels with conventional stick framing and pre-engineered trusses over a full concrete basement foundation. The style of the Villa James is as much a fusion of varying sensibilities as its construction. To achieve a “Tuscan” feel in the middle of the American South, elements evoking a variety of traditional Italian styles were combined with a Georgian approach to living comfortably with the heat of long summer days. The resulting sentiments were applied to a spatial plan organized around a cloistered courtyard with a view to a lake engineered and created by the homeowner. Rustic yet refined, it’s a plan that’s particularly well-suited to our clients’ laid back Southern temperaments as well as to their busy family lifestyle.
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